Tales of Deltora Series Library Bound Book

Tales of Deltora Series Library Bound Book

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On his 16th birthday, Lief, the son of a blacksmith, faces the greatest challenge of his life. He must venture into the darkest and most terrible places in all of Deltora to find the seven magical gems stolen from the Belt of Deltora. When reunited in the Belt, these gems will empower the heir to the throne of Deltora and free the people from the tyranny of the Shadow Lord. Will good prevail over evil?

Titles include:
?? Lake of Tears
?? Shifting Sands
?? Return to Del
?? Cavern of the Fear
?? Shadowlands
?? Dragon's Nest
?? Shadowgate
?? Isle of the Dead
?? Sister of the South
?? Tales of Deltora

Mixed hardcover and paperback, 125-205 pages.