Text Exemplar Grades 11-12 Complete Master Set

Text Exemplar Grades 11-12 Complete Master Set

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Students in grades 11-12 apply the reading standards to a range of text types, to include stories, drama, poetry, literary nonfiction, and historical, scientific, and technical texts, with texts selected from a broad range of cultures and periods. In addition to range, these text exemplar collections represent the quality and complexity of literature that students in this grade band should encounter.

Our master set contains all 6 Grades 11-12 collections, covering stories, poetry, and informational texts.

*All titles featured are available at the time of publication; however, the status is subject to change according to the publishers.

Including books such as:
• 101 Great American Poems
• Crime and Punishment
• Death of a Salesman
• Don Quixote
• A Farewell to Arms
• The Great Gatsby
• Pride and Prejudice
• The Canterbury Tales
• The Scarlet Letter
• The Tragedy of Hamlet
• and Much More!

Common Core standards covered:
RL.11-12.1-10, RI.11-12.1-10, RH.11-12.1-10, RST.11-12.1-10