Text Exemplars Grades 9-10 Poetry

Text Exemplars Grades 9-10 Poetry

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These texts exemplify the level of complexity and quality that the Common Core State Standards require all students in grades 9-10 to engage with.


• I Am Offering This Poem to You (included in Immigrants in Our Own Land and Selected Early Poems)

• Lift Every Voice and Sing; Yet I Do Marvel (both titles included in African-American Poetry)

• Loveliest Trees (included in Great Short Poems)

• Musée des Beaux Arts; Ozymandias (both titles included in 100 Favorite English & Irish Poems)

• Song (included in Selected Poems)

• Sonnet 73 (included in Complete Sonnets)

• The Raven (included in The Raven and Other Writings)

• We Grow Accustomed to the Dark (included in Final Harvest: Poems)

• Women (included in Her Blue Body Everything We Know)

Common Core standards covered:
RL.9-10.1-10, RI.9-10.1-10