Thinking Like a Scientist Big Book Set

Thinking Like a Scientist Big Book Set

National School Products


Develop and explore key process skills through relevant and captivating science content. Interactive big books with poster-size, real-life photos, developmentally appropriate text, and hands-on activities focus on all the science processes. Includes a teacher’s guide with background information and hands-on experiments and activities. 16 pages each. Set includes 10 big books & guides (1 guide per title).

Titles include:
• Busy As a Bee (GRL: M)
• Design It! Build It! (GRL: M)
• Exploring Everyday Wonders (GRL: O)
• Insect Lives (GRL: P)
• Investigating Rocks (GRL: S)
• Life in the Polar Regions (GRL: Q)
• Make Mine Ice Cream (GRL: K)
• Rocks & Soil (GRL: I)
• Science Tools (GRL: N)
• A World of Change (GRL: O)

Common Core standards covered:
RI.2.1,3,4,7,10; RI.3.1,4,5,7,10; RF.2-4.3