Underwater Machines Library Bound Book

Underwater Machines Library Bound Book


SKU: PWB-1045

Grades: 3 - 6

A story, a problem, a list of possible solutions, and - Eureka! You have it! Become an inventor, and test your creative skills with an experiment or make-and-do construction.

What is a bathyscaphe? Could you rely on a diving bell? How do unmanned submersibles find shipwrecks? You can explore the depths of the world's largest oceans, discover sea monsters that make their won light, such as the gulper eel and the viperfish, and look at some weird and wonderful submersibles that have helped us learn more about life on the ocean floor. Then model your own miniature Titanic, a nuclear sub with a moveable periscope, a bottle aquarium, and a spooky lantern fish.

Your students can explore ten different inventions and step-by-step instructions allow them to construct the invention or experiment.

Library bound, 48 pages.