Unifix Equation Cubes 100 Cubes & Guide

Unifix Equation Cubes 100 Cubes & Guide

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SKU: DD-211305

Unifix® is the most widely used math manipulative in the world.

They meet exactly a key Common Core State Standard recommendation: Manipulatives are faithful representations of the mathematical objects they represent.

This set of Unifix Cubes allows teachers to demonstrate abstract concepts in a concrete way. Used in conjunction with original Unifix Cubes, teachers can illustrate multiple representations of the same equations to help students make the connection. This set of 100 includes operation cubes (+, -, x, ÷, =, ( ), ), algebraic symbols (including x, x2, y, & y2), number cubes, and a teacher’s guide.

WARNING! Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Common Core standards covered:
3.OA.1-2,4-7,9; 4.OA.1,5; 5.OA.1-2