Value Classroom Library 3rd Grade (25 books)

Value Classroom Library 3rd Grade (25 books)

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For the best value and most comprehensive collection of fiction and nonfiction titles, our Value Classroom Libraries are a must for every grade! This grade-specific classroom assortment contains a variety of titles from multiple genres and curriculum areas at varied of reading levels. Early readers will find easy-to-read titles to practice their brand new reading skills as well as more challenging titles they will enjoy hearing read aloud!

This set includes:
Animals Above & Below Water
Horrible Harry in Room 2B
I Can Read About Creepy Crawlies
Fool of the World
The Hummingbird King: Guatemalen Legend
Clamshell Boy: Makah Legend
and many more!

Value sets contain both hardcover and paperback titles. Sample titles are pictured; actual contents may vary depending on availability from the publisher.

Common Core standards covered: