What the Moon Is Like Stage 2 Paperback Book

What the Moon Is Like Stage 2 Paperback Book


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Imagine that you're walking on the moon.

What is it like? For thousands of years, people looked up at the moon and wondered about it. Now we know what the moon is like. There is no air on the moon and nothing grows, but there are towering mountains and deep craters--and much more! Colder than the desert, then hotter than the desert, the moon is an amazing place to explore.

Satisfy students?? curiosity about how the world works. Descriptive illustrations are paired with a simple, informative text that??s just right for beginning readers, with interesting facts and concepts. Most books also include a hands-on activity.

Stage 2 books explore more challenging concepts for children in the primary grades and include hands-on activities that children can do themselves. Accelerated Reader?? title.