When I Grow Up Bilingual Book Set

When I Grow Up Bilingual Book Set

National School Products

SKU: GSB-1029

Grades: K-2

Bilingual - Cuando sea grande / When I Grow Up

In this series, beginning readers get to dig deep into a variety of jobs and decide what career path to explore. Whether they want to go to the moon, run the country, paint beautiful pictures, or serenade an audience, these titles show what it takes to accomplish your goals. Presented in both standard Latin American Spanish and English, readers learn how they can be anything they want when they grow up.

Set of 6 books. Reinforced library binding, 24 pages each. ©2015

Titles include:
• Puedo ser Presidente / I Can Be the President
• Puedo ser un artista / I Can Be an Artist
• Puedo ser un astronauta / I Can Be an Astronaut
• Puedo ser un jugador de fútbol / I Can Be a Football Player
• Puedo ser una bailarina / I Can Be a Ballerina
• Puedo ser una cantante / I Can Be a Singer