Wild Predators Library Bound Book Set

Wild Predators Library Bound Book Set

National School Products


Grade: 4-6

From a safe distance, readers will enjoy getting to know the menacing killers that roam each sector of the animal hunts, what it eats, and where it can be found. Most importantly, learn about the physical and behavioral adaptations that have made them supreme predators in their realms.

Accelerated Reader® titles, RL: 6.5-6.9. Guided reading levels: V-W. Lexile levels: IG1020L-IG1060L. 

Titles include:

  • Birds of Prey
  • Deadly Snakes
  • Deadly Spiders and Scorpions
  • Killer Fish
  • Wolves and Other Dogs
  • Killer Cats
  • Deadly Insects
  • Killer Carnivores
  • Deadly Reptiles
  • Sea Hunters: Dolphins, Whales, & Seals

Set of 10 reinforced library bound books, 48 pages each.