Wild World Book Set

Wild World Book Set

National School Products


Grades: K - 2

Dramatic photography, graphic illustrations, and amazing facts engage young readers as they learn where animals live and how they move, feed and grow up.

Titles include:

  • Watching Dolphins in the Ocean
  • Watching Grizzly Bears in North America
  • Watching Lions in Africa
  • Watching Giraffes in Africa
  • Watching Orangutans in Asia
  • Watching Bison in North America
  • Watching Cobras in Asia
  • Watching Kangaroos in Australia
  • Watching Reindeer in Europe
  • Watching Tree Frogs in South America
  • Watching Sharks in the Ocean

Accelerated Reader titles. Library bound, 32 pages each.

Set of 11 books.

Common Core Standards covered:
RI, RF, L.K-2.4-6