You Were There Re-creations Complete Set

You Were There Re-creations Complete Set

National School Products


Grades: 4 - 8

This series focuses on key events and people that have shaped the history of the United States. In each unit, students exercise all levels of critical thinking as they engage in a sequence of activities. Teachers can complete each unit in four sessions, or pick and choose activities to fit their schedule. First, students learn the historical context of the event through visual primary sources such as photos or documents, a background essay, time line, and word bank of the unit’s vocabulary. Then students complete a reproducible graphic organizer to consolidate information and check their understanding. Finally, use the included script with role cards for each character to re-create the event. An easy-to-use, end-of-unit assessment, along with a review session, gives teachers the opportunity to assess student knowledge. Includes extensive lesson plans. Reproducible, 40 pages each + two transparencies.

The set includes:

  • • Hard Times at Jamestown
  • • Debate Over Women’s Suffrage
  • • Causes of the Civil War
  • • Congress Debates the Dawes Act
  • • Congress Debates Immigration Quotas
  • • Soup Kitchens and the Great Depression
  • • Japanese American Internment
  • • Cesar Chavez & Migrant Farm Workers
  • • Rosa Parks & Civil Rights

Set of 9 books, reproducible, 40 pages each + 2 transparencies each.